Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Butcher

I am not really sure what to write about.  Drinking in reality is intoxicating and this blog seems to jump around.  Another ride.  Another dinner.  Another day.  Blah, blah, blah.  However, if you do not like what you find here you are one click away from this.  So if there is something that you want to hear about let me know and help guide my writing.

People make a place special.  A little market around the corner has a meat counter tucked in a dark back corner.  A thick man with a crew cut and a tattoo of a naked lady on his forearm spends his days cutting up animals or grinding them up and forcing them into casing.  Titty Arm is The Butcher.  Titty Arm has yet to steer me wrong and if he did I am not sure how to confront a man with knife skills and forearms the size of my quads.  He always asks how I am cooking that evening and makes a proper recommendation. There is a diagram of a cow in his stall and he shows you exactly where the cut comes from and why it is good for that cooking purpose.  One really cool thing is that he cuts the meat from large slabs as ordered.  For example last night I was grilling and he recommended a cut from what looked like a roast then he cut a steak from the end to the requested thickness.  Perfect.  It is nice to have an informed butcher chat about fat to protein ratio and feel the need to describe exactly where a cut of meat comes from.

Random photo of an exhibition down the street by Federico Estol.  


bikrder89 said...

Love reading the updates man! Keep it up. Rad Chad

bikrder89 said...

You have email or cell there?