Friday, March 14, 2014


I still have my first record.  I just got two more records this weekend in CoMo's newest record store.  (I am probably the only person that cannot see their webpage because it is on the Facebooks, still not worth it.)  It is proper to be actively listening to an artist composition of linking songs and themes through an album.  Skipping from song to song in random music generators I feel lost in digital schizophrenia.  I still remember the day this album came out and the afternoon and evening spent listening to it.       

Friday, March 7, 2014

One step forward or backward?

For your seating pleasure and folding helmet for when you need a folding helmet.

Monday, March 3, 2014

My new favorite website

As a child my Dad would keep me occupied working on small motors.  They progressed from Briggs and Stratton horizontal shaft motors that we would get at auctions and bolt to crude metal frames ordered from Popular Mechanics to mini-bikes.  Then tragedy struck while qualifying for Ponca City.  Some goofball rear ended me over a set of doubles and broke my leg.  When I got home from the hospital all my motos were sold.  Ten years after the broken leg when I was returning from Peace Corps I was broke and moving back in with my parents.  I told them I was going to get another motorcycle and my Mom said "If you are going to get a motorcycle then don't come home."  The message was loud and clear, no motorcycle.  Now when I bring it up to Chula she agrees then casually brings it up over dinner with my Mom who gives me the look of "no motorcycle for you".  I know my place but my new favorite website is on high rotation of time wasting internet adventures.