Friday, June 17, 2011

Home but not done yet

We have returned but since I am "off the grid" (thanks Lawrasaurus) there are a few photos and things to recount.  First off, after spending the last month basically outside, the last two days sleeping in a house and working inside have been really stuffy.
After SF we traveled north through Humbolt county in NorCal, or land of freaky big trees that had me feeling like every ride could turn in to this. In Portland I was blown out and did not get to explore as much as I wanted but this beer had my name all over it. Not to mention it supported one of my favorite record labels. Chula found this little gem: The bacon was not really there, but it sparked my new camping treat: greenbeans' smores (graham crackers coated with Nutella, then a layer of bacon with a roasted marshmellow in between).

We seemed to be trapped in a rainy and cold weather pattern so we got our winter vacation and summer vacation completed all at once. The roads were snowy but I still got out for some rides, and Chula would pick me up down the road. How awesome is that?


byron said...

Welcome home.

I saw this and thought of you.

byron said...

this would be this said...