Sunday, June 26, 2011

Over but not Out

The Tetons were peaceful and splendid. Yellowstone is packed with freaky natural oddities. Like this very large semi-circle of people looking at a field of poop. There might have been a geyser in the middle, but I like people watching and this babe with a miniature replica of The Enterprise was way cooler than any geyser. I always forget my little replica Enterprise while watching people watching a field of poop.

I forget a lot of things. I still cannot remember what year Chula was born, and that is why she is always turning 23. However, I have the ability to remember single track for many years. It might be the soil, berms, turns or mountains. Maybe it was my dad, a navigator for the Air Force, who navigated around the world on planes using stars, planets and landmarks, teaching me triangulation and how to read maps when I was a grommet. Anyway I quickly found the single track from the SD50. It is one of those places that I really enjoy. Trees, roots, rocks, nice soil, berms, twisty single track and elevation change reminded me of trails I grew up riding in the mid-west except with more elevation change.

The Badlands in SD reminded me that I really hate heights. This ladder scared the crap out of me.  The view was great but not worth it. The experience of climbing the ladder did not make me a stronger person for “overcoming” my fears; rather it reminded me that if something sounds or looks like I am not going to enjoy it, I should respect those feelings.

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