Thursday, July 7, 2011

Coffee + Pancakes =

Coffee + pancakes = all day adventure. I tagged along with tour guide Crazy Nate and Pele who are training for this. Crazy Nate led us down gravel roads and trails to national forest.

The forest seemed tropical with dense undergrowth and thick moist air.  The trails were decent for not seeing lots of traffic.  Our guide (seen here waving while I cleared spider webs) said, "I do not remember this but it feels right."

No worries, spirits were high on the adventure. Then we got dumped out onto a splendid creek bottom and our guide pointed up stream and said "We just need to go down stream south." 

Pele said, "You have no idea where we are do you?"

Crazy Nate said, "Oh yeah we are in Callaway County."

I said, "That narrows it down."

Sometimes it really does not matter where you are if you are spending the day exploring and having fun with friends. I like to getting lost from time to time.  As the day wore on, swimming holes were found and eventually we all found our way home.

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